Your Questions

What do I need to know before my child starts?

We have an open door policy here at Tic Tots where you are free to look around the nursery at anytime. The show around is normally done by the Childcare Supervisor. This involves a detailed tour of the nursery and answering any questions or queries you may have. You will also be given a small leaflet detailing the prices and basic information about the nursery.

If you decide you would like to book your child in, availability will be checked for you. If the place is not available you can be put on a waiting list and we will advise you when a place becomes available.

The next step is to complete an in depth application form about your child including emergency contacts, health and dietary requirements, culture and religious questions etc. You will also be asked to give a code word for security reasons for the case of someone other that yourselves collecting your child, in which case you must inform staff prior and give a full description of the person collecting your child. Please ensure you read and sign the terms and conditions on the back. Your child’s details will then be entered into our data system. To secure your child’s place, you must pay a deposit of £75 that will be deducted from your final fees payment.

How do I settle my child in ?

Once your child is booked in and the deposit paid, 2 weeks prior to your child’s initial start date you will be offered visits to settle your child in. The first visit will consist of you staying with your child if necessary, especially in the Baby unit, to go through your child’s routine which will be done with the team leader or your child’s key carer. You will also be asked to complete a likes and dislikes, an all about me profile for your child, and if your child has any dietary requirements or allergies you will be asked to fill in additional forms regarding this. This information will be kept in an additional information folder, and all staff will be made aware of your child’s allergy or dietary requirements.

The second visit will entail leaving your child for approximately 1 hour. If your child appears very unsettled we will discuss further options with you. Often most children start after their second visit, however if your child is very unsettled and you wish to do more visits before the start date then this can be arranged.

How do I pay?

You will be given a monthly, or weekly amount if you prefer, stating how much to pay. Payments must be paid at the beginning of every month or week by standing order. You will be given our bank details to set up either with your bank or online. Your deposit will be deducted from your first fee payment. Any extras i.e. Swimming, lunches or dancing will be added on to your fee amount. Also as your child changes age you will receive a new fee summary as the price decreases. If you are accessing the 3 year old grant scheme, we can put in place a payment scheme (see appendix for further information).

We also accept childcare vouchers, which are put in place by your company depending on where you work (please ask your employer for more details.) This is where you can claim a maximum of £243 per month towards you childcare costs, which is deducted from your wages saving you on the tax you pay. This can help save you up to £1000 per year. If you and your partner are both eligible to receive vouchers then you can both claim. (see list of voucher companies we are registered with in appendix).

A late fee will be charged for any fees overdue. If fees are not paid within the month then your child’s booking will have to be removed, and the place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list.

Collection of overdue amounts

If a payment plan agreement cannot be put in place to ensure that payments are made, either the small claims court or a debt collection agency is used. They will contact you directly to recover any unpaid debts on behalf of Tic Tots. Obviously this is likely to incur costs that are covered by the debtor (you).

How does the (Single Formula Funding) SSF work ?

The Single Formula Funding Nursery Education Grant scheme is put in place by the government to ensure that all children access formal education from the age of three years. It helps in getting children ready for school and indeed supports them in building their social and emotional skills. You can access up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. We try to be as flexible as possible; please see our menu of choices in terms of how you can use the fifteen hours which is in place for new bookings.

If we have not got the availability, we would put you on the waiting list for the session you need and advise you if it becomes available.

What happens if we go on holiday or my child is absent ?

The nursery is open 51 weeks of the year closing for one week for Christmas and closed for public and bank holidays. The week of Christmas is deducted from your fees throughout the year, however bank and public holidays are charged at the normal rate.

If your child is absent from nursery due to holidays or sickness, we appreciate if you inform the nursery as soon as possible. If your child has an illness we will refer to our exclusions chart and inform you of the length of time your child must stay absent from nursery, for example sickness or diahorrea is 48 hours from the bout of illness, to stay in line with our infection control. You will be charged at your normal daily rate..

What if my child is on medication?

If your child is put on antibiotics and the condition is not contagious and as long as they have had the prescribed antibiotics here at nursery before, you will be able to bring them into the setting. You must sign the medication in on your child’s individual medication sheet stating the name of the medication, the time and dose etc. If your child has not had the prescribed medicine with us before, you will be asked to keep your child at home for the first 48 hours of taking the medication, to ensure that your child does not have an allergic reaction.

All medication including creams must be signed in and out daily; they must be prescribed and labelled by a doctor or pharmacist (Calpol must be in sachet form). All medication must be taken home at the end of each day. If your child has an allergy, specific dietary requirement or is on long term medication then the above still applies, however you will also be asked to complete an additional needs form detailing your child’s specific needs, reactions, or medication used if applicable. This will be kept in our additional needs file and is updated and reviewed regularly by our SEN coordinator. All rooms are given a list of children who have specific requirements or needs to ensure that everyone is aware.

What do I need to bring with my child on a day to day basis?

You must ensure your child has a bag labelled with a spare set of clothes, and a comforter if needed. If your child is potty training we do ask for an additional supply of spare clothes in. We also ask for you to provide suitable clothing for the time of year, for example warm coats, hats and gloves in winter and sun hats and sun cream for our summer months. We ask you not to leave any medication or unsuitable items in your child’s bad, as little hands do root in bags.

We do provide nappies and wipes that are pampers sensitive and formula milk for younger babies.

What if my child has an incident or accident whilst in your care ?

All children have trips or falls it is part of their learning curve and understanding boundaries. All accidents are written up and are dealt with by a first aider (the majority of our staff are first aid trained). In most cases a cold compress will be applied and your child will be observed throughout the day. You will be asked to sign the accident form detailing what happened and may take a copy if you wish. The form will then be kept in your child’s individual file in the filing cabinet. If your child has a bump to the head you will also be given a bump to the head form.

In the case of an incident for example another child biting or scratching another child, and incident form will be completed for both parents of the children involved in the incident. The child who instigated the incident will not be named. Many children go through a stage at some point of their young life and it is quite normal. It is often through frustration or can sometime be meant in a loving way.

In the case of a serious accident we will call 999 while contacting you at the same time to ensure no time is lost in seeking emergency care, we will then inform you of progress.

If your child comes into nursery with a bump or scratch then an incoming observation form will be completed where we ask you how the incident happened. This is not to make you feel uncomfortable it is just that we are aware what has happened to your child and can keep an eye on the, for example, if it is a bump to the head, and its also to state that it didn’t happen within nursery.

How do you handle children’s behaviour ?

Learning how to handle themselves is an important part of a child’s life and crucial in nursery life so that children can learn to get along with others, share and learn how to co-exist in society.

How do you teach the children ?

We give babies and young children varied and exciting opportunities to learn and develop using thier imagination, through creativity and through play. By providing a safe, supportive, stimulating and fun environment we support them in the discovery of their community and the wider world, we support children as they grow and learn to express themselves, we support them in their achievement of their full potential by following their lead and allowing them space into which they grow. Each year our graduation bears a set of individuals with differing talents and interests and lots of individual children who are gowing into their own special identity, at TicTots we foster that individualism while teaching children about behaviour and self management so that they enter the world of educaiton confident and ready to embark upon an exciting journey.