Returning to work

There are many reasons why parents choose to use nursery to meet their family’s childcare needs and one of these is making the decision to return to work. We know how hard this decision can be and we aim to help and support you and your child throughout the time spent in one of our nurseries. We believe that working closely with parents makes life easier and better for all of us and in particular your child.

In practical terms we suggest that your initial choice of nursery is made well in advance of the date of your return to work. This is to help you feel confident in the choice of setting and so you can be assured of a space on the days and times that you and your child will need.

It is very important that you provide detailed information about your child’s needs, likes, dislikes, comforters, family words etc. to the nursery. Many small details that are daily life to you will not be known to staff, such as a family name for a comforter or using the toilet, but when used by staff in your absence, make a great deal of difference to your child. It is also really helpful if you can provide family pictures for our Family Boards.

We expect all children to have settling in sessions but the time and number of these is individual and arranged through discussion between you and the nursery manager and staff; there are no hard and fast rules about how each child manages for the first time. Your child will have a Key Person who will, wherever possible, manage your child’s personal care, plan for their development needs and liaise with you. Each of our nurseries has an ‘open door’ policy which really does mean you can pop in any time you like or telephone to see how your child is getting on. Staff provide daily feedback both verbal and written and every term we will invite you to stay a few minutes longer than normal to look at your child’s Learning Journey. This is very informal and helps key staff to develop their understanding of your child. We also hold Open Parents Evenings to show you the activities we provide and give you a chance to chat to us about how we are supporting your child in their development.

Leaving your child for the first time is very stressful but by working together, exchanging information regularly and taking part in nursery life whenever possible, this difficult time will become a very positive experience for all of us.

We will support you with any funding applications or providing information to the Working Tax Credit office and help you set up childcare vouchers if needed. Just come along and talk to us about your account and how you plan to manage it. We have various options available in terms of setting up payment and we work flexibly to ensure that balancing your budget as you return to work is as smooth as possible.